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A Break in the Chaos – What is a Jobbymoon and Why Should you Care?

So, you lost your job. Or maybe you quit to pursue a new career path. It happens all the time. Sometimes job opportunities become available that you can’t pass up or you simply want to put energy into forging your own entrepreneurial path. In the case of being fired or laid off, an opportunity for change has been thrust upon you and you intend to take advantage of it.

Does that mean you need to rush in immediately? Of course not! What you need before anything is a jobbymoon.

What, exactly, is a Jobbymoon?

A jobbymoon is simply the act of taking a break or vacation between changes in careers. The term itself might be new but the concept has been around since people have had jobs to change.

Employees are often overworked, underpaid, and rarely take their vacation days to actually relax. Using the time between jobs to rejuvenate is only going to benefit you in the long run. Don’t dive head first into something new without taking a break. You deserve a jobbymoon.

Should I do anything specific?

There’s no concrete structure on taking a jobbymoon. Whatever helps you de-stress and re-focus is what you should be doing. Check out local events, try new food, go for a trip. If it’s something you can do without spiking your anxiety, do it.

However, it is important to take time to re-prioritize what you want moving forward. You should also use these days or weeks to figure out what you really want and where you want to go. Changing career paths can be a big life event and this break is meant to ease the transition, not eclipse it entirely. Think of a jobbymoon as half holiday and half goal setting.

I should be setting goals?

Of course! This isn’t just time you use to flush your old job out of your system. It’s the perfect opportunity to sit down and decide what you really want from the next chapter of your life and career. Plus, they don’t have to be huge, overarching job goals or career goals. Think of personal goals you’ve wanted to meet and start achieving them.

Finish that painting. Learn how to play guitar. Get back to that novel you were writing. Volunteer at the dog shelter. This time is all about you. Take advantage of it.

Take the Time

Humans are not machines. We need moments of rest, time to relax and breathe, days to not focus on work. Is the name ‘jobbymoon’ silly? Yes! But it’s something important that everyone in a state of change should take.
Just don’t tell anyone you’re ‘taking a jobbymoon’. The funny looks they give you might not be very calming.