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Rise and Fall: Understanding Your Peak Times of Productivity

This is the generation of success. Most people are doing everything they can to, somehow, get as much done as they possibly can in order to become successful. We meditate, go for runs, drink smoothies, get on protein-based diets, wake up at 6am, and more, all while watching TedTalks, listening to business advice podcasts, and reading motivational books. Founders of startups are a prime example of just such people; doing whatever they can in order to give their business and themselves the best chances at success. Not all that ridiculous, right? Of course not! Why would you ever not do all you could to be successful? Well, that’s not really the problem. Each individual doing it the same way, however, can create less than ideal results for some compared to others.

The early morning

Early morning seems to be the go-to time where all these building blocks of success must be conquered. You need to drink a gallon of water, read the latest business reports, bust out your workout routine, and swallow a perfectly balanced breakfast every day before getting down to work. Only then will you be successful. But, is that really necessary? Or even feasible?

Everyone is different

This advice doesn’t take into account the fact that people are individuals. We know this when it comes health and wellness already: everyone is different. What works for some is terrible for others, so why try to put people in the same box simply because it’s all in the name of success? Sticking to such a rigid idea of work ethic just because some believe its the only way is a quick path to exhaustion. When you’re starting a company, is burn-out something you want to even consider dealing with? If not, you need to find out what’s best for you.

Peak times

We all have peak times where we are most efficient and productive. For you it might be from 6am to 6pm, while for others, starting at 10am suits them best because they find it easy to keep working late into the evening, maybe even going into 12am because they still have the energy to do so. Different tasks can require various amounts of energy, so why force yourself to do something at eight in the morning when you know you’ll get better results by focusing on it in the afternoon? There’s not a proper cookie cutter way to run your company and you shouldn’t stick yourself in the same cookie cutter routine as other CEOs and founders.

What is best for you?

You know what’s best for you. It will take trial and error to find your peak performance times, but spending the time and energy to find out will save you lost hours and, quite honestly, lost revenue in the future. Don’t fall asleep at your desk because you thought you had to get up and lift weights before dawn to be truly productive. You dictate how you work best, no one else.

Listen to that voice that motivated you to start this company in the first place. Chances are, it knows far better what you should do going forward than any predetermined schedule or motivational speaker.